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Blower is also one of the products in Chengdu kitchen equipment. I believe we are not unfamiliar with it. It is often used in ordinary rural families. Today we mainly look at the quality of blower and what aspects should be noticed.
1、 风机外壳:假如选用质量差的钢材,风机的表面不会平坦,会有坑坑洼洼的现象,这是钢材质量差的缘由,即使表面喷涂防腐漆料,也会有一种粗糙的感觉。
1. Fan housing: If poor quality steel is selected, the surface of the fan will not be flat, there will be pits and depressions. This is the reason for poor quality of the steel. Even if the surface is sprayed with anticorrosive paint, there will be a rough feeling.
2. Noise value: Facing the environment protection situation, the noise value of the kitchen equipment blower is also one of the investigations. If the noise is too big, the quality of the blower is also a certain problem. After the completion of the fan equipment, the noise value of the fan should be measured to ensure that it can be viewed through environmental protection.
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3. Equipment operation status: Stop the kitchen equipment in the blower, let's roll through the pulley, whether it can easily roll, this is a view method for blower. Good quality can easily roll, if there are some problems, rolling may be a little laborious; if the machine does not move, it is explained that there is serious internal friction resistance. ,
4. Inspection indicators: Before the fan leaves the factory, it will go through strict quality inspection procedures. If conditions permit, kitchen equipment manufacturers can ask for these quality inspection data to ensure the quality of products.
There are many gas equipments in kitchen equipment. If there is a great danger of gas leakage, how to check whether the gas leakage and emergency treatment? Now let's study it.
Methods for leak detection of kitchen internal combustion gas equipment:
1. If you smell gas at home, brush laundry detergent or soap water to the interface, valve or weld where air leakage is suspected. If bubbles appear, they are the leak point. If there is no reflection after brushing, the brush dipped in soapy water can be directly pasted to the leak detection place. If there is gas leakage, bubbles will appear on the brush continuously.
2. It is difficult for soap water to be applied to the parts outside sight. It can be touched by the back of the hand. Generally, the back of the hand can feel the existence of air leakage.
3. Household gas is mixed with odorant, and it will smell when it leaks out.
4. There will be a "hissing" sound.
5. It is strictly forbidden to use open fire to detect leakage.
Correct treatment after gas leakage is found:
1. Close the front valve immediately, block the gas source, block the outdoor total power supply immediately, extinguish all kinds of fires, open doors and windows for ventilation, and let natural gas emit outdoors naturally.
2. Check whether the switches (valves) of gas equipment such as furnaces and water heaters are closed and whether the hose joints are loose or falling.
3. Close the gas main valve.
4、切勿触动电器开关(如开灯、关灯) 切勿运用室内电话或无线电话 切勿运用明火或运用明火测验漏气点 切勿按动门铃 切勿敞开任何燃具,直到漏气情况得到控制和室内无天然气为止。
4. Do not touch the switch of electric appliances (such as turning on or turning off lights). Do not use indoor telephone or radio telephone. Do not use open fire or use open fire to test the leak point. Do not press the door bell to open any burner until the leak situation is controlled and there is no natural gas in the room.
5. Evacuate kitchen personnel in time and notify gas professional company to deal with them.
Of course, the best way is to install gas leakage alarm equipment in the early stage of kitchen construction, regularly check and maintain kitchen equipment and equipment, and eliminate hidden dangers in the germination.